Tiledek™ Tile
Underlayment Waterproof Membrane

Tiledek Waterproofing Tile Underlayment for decks and flat roofs is an integral component of exterior tile assemblies. It provides best-practice assurances of a long-lasting, outdoor tile deck without suffering common failures that result in water infiltration.

Reliable Waterproof Protection Below

Tiledek provides reliable waterproof protection for the structure and living space below. It is a roofing compliant waterproofing membrane with a fabric surface designed specifically to best accept a thinset mortar for exterior tile assembly applications.

Tiledek is a 64 mil PVC membrane manufactured in North America at the same facility as our standard Duradek membranes.


Tiledek is constructed of a very dense PVC membrane that will not compress under intense heat or moisture which makes it a very stable platform for tile.


Tiledek has a geotextile fabric surface designed for compatibility to best accept a thinset mortar.


Tiledek undergoes a 3rd party quality assurance program to ensure it consistently meets all building code requirements.


Tiledek is installed ONLY by trained and authorized dealers throughout North America and abroad.


Tiledek is ready to accept thinset and tiles as soon as it is installed (no curing or drying time).


Tiledek comes with a 10-year waterproofing warranty.

Tiledek was introduced nearly 10 years ago

As an ideal waterproofing solution for the specific needs of exterior tile projects. Homeowners and contractors were frustrated with the ongoing cost and time-consuming repairs associated with leaking tile decks, but were never getting satisfactory results. Duradek recognized the need for a better method of waterproofing outdoor tile roof decks and created Tiledek which has delivered the ideal solution ever since.

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