• Company Story

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    Since 1974, Duradek has been supplying North America's premier sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane. Along with other PVC products, such as siding, windows and industrial roofing. Duradek vinyl has gained wide acceptance in the construction industry as the ultimate in maintenance-free outdoor flooring. Duradek's factory engineered products and professional, detailed installation techniques have set new standards for waterproofing that works.

    Duradek membranes are reinforced for multi-directional strength and stability, and have a textured finish for slip-resistance. To increase performance, the vinyl makeup includes mildew inhibitors along with ultraviolet and heat stabilizers. It is also fire-retardant and resistant to most chemicals. Attractive patterns, colors and textures provide a contemporary new look, previously unavailable in the outdoor waterproof flooring market.

    Duradek is continually researching, developing and testing new products and application techniques.
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  • Product Story

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    Duradek, the ORIGINAL sheet vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies, was developed to solve leak problems over 25 years ago.

    Duradek is a pre-manufactured sheet, installed in one step and ready for immediate use as it dries quickly and requires no curing time. It can even be walked on during the installation process, meaning fewer tenant disruptions and vacancies.
    Duradek can be successfully installed in almost all weather conditions.
    Duradek protects the structure of your home by preventing water infiltration.
    Duradek products are extensively tested at the factory, as well as independent government approved agencies.
    Duradek is glued to almost any surface, even over cracks with minimal surface preparation.
    Duradek requires no regular maintenance except cleaning.
    Duradek is completely waterproof and comes in varying degrees of slip-resistant surfaces.
    Duradek has a long life expectancy and can be re-coated in the future.
    • If desired, carpet can easily be installed over
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  • Duradek Advantage

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    The waterproof deck by Duradek is the original, waterproof, single-ply PVC membrane for roofdecks, sundecks, patios, and balconies -- virtually all decks. The Duradek line offers many advantages over the traditional or look-a-like systems. These advantages include:

    • Over 30 years and millions of square feet of Duradek® vinyl deck waterproofing installation history.
    • Competitively priced -- up-front pricing from frame construction to top surface vinyl.
    • 100% waterproof protection of the deck framing structure preventing wood rot -- it keeps everything below it dry.
    • Minimizes nail and screw breakdown from rust.
    • Stops concrete surface breakdown.
    • No mandatory re-coating to maintain warranty.
    • Best life-cycle cost for deck available.
    • Quality and uniform thickness are performed at the factory under controlled conditions to eliminate onsite contaminates, membrane delimitation and surface inconsistency.
    • Sheet vinyl can be applied and used immediately unlike liquid systems.
    • Stops the water from limiting your deck structure's life.
    Duradek can be installed in most northwest weather as long as the subsurface is reasonably dry (10-18% moisture).
    • Bottom reinforcement for longest wear surface life and superior installation and detailing.
    • Carries one of the strongest waterproof deck warranties available.
    • Class "A" and "C" rated Roof Deck Systems.
    • ICC rated deck and roof system.
    • Proven superior deck stability.
    • Northwest's largest and oldest waterproof vinyl deck installation contractor network.
    Duradek membranes are easily repaired (because accidents happen) or extended for years to come.
    • Eliminates the requirement of additional heavy and bulky mechanical protection.
    • Printed patterns help hide dirt and keep surface looking attractive longer.
    • No open pores to hold mold and mildew for the least maintenance required.
    • Over 30 choices of color, thickness, and texture.
    • Drains, scuppers, overflows and several termination options (laminated metal or termbar) all with color options.

    Simply put: if your deck or deck system can't provide these qualities, then you will build and repair again and again. Stop the cycle! Build it once -- build it right.
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  • Trained Installers

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    Duradek offers on-going classroom and video training to waterproofing contractors.

    Duradek training is a combination of floor laying skills for appearance and single ply roofing skills for water tightness. Thorough knowledge of adhesives, sealants, coatings, carpentry, and concrete restoration work are common traits of a Duradek®contractor.

    All necessary components of the finished waterproof system are available from
    Duradek. This includes the adhesives, sealants, all drains, scuppers and perimeter fastening devices.

    Duradek products, when applied by a certified Duradek contractor, are covered by written warranties. Terms are dependent upon product thickness.
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  • Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

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    The Duradek System consists of a number of different types of sheet vinyl products, designed individually for many end uses.

    All are textured PVC, laminated to a polyester reinforced fabric for additional strength. Available in an assortment of widths, thicknesses and textures,
    Duradek vinyl membranes offer a wide range of waterproofing solutions in both residential and commercial construction.

    Heavy duty vinyl membranes are perfect for use on roof decks.

    Constructed of 60 mils of PVC resin, these products are capable of accepting heavy pedestrian traffic and extreme heat and ultraviolet conditions.
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  • Residential Waterproofing Solutions

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    The Duradek System is unique in its assortment of widths, thicknesses, patterns, colors and textures.

    Duradek's rough textured materials offer excellent slip-resistance for safe footing on ramps and stairs. The smoother textures offer easy-to-care-for surfaces.

    Lighter weight
    Duradek vinyls offer cost-conscious solutions for deck and balcony surfaces not exposed to heavy traffic or extreme conditions. For roofdecks or surfaces requiring maximum protection, heavy-duty (Ultra) sheet flooring is ideal.

    New contemporary colors, textures and patterns offer the potential for complimentary or contrasting borders and even custom design work.

    Duradek vinyl surfaces also work very well for interior applications. Indoor pool decks, hot tub areas, and even garage floors are enhanced by Duradek's waterproof, easy to clean surfaces.
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  • Make a Choice that Lasts

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    The Duradek product line is available in a wide range of attractive colors, textures, patterns and thicknesses.

    • Easy to maintain Duradek means less work and more time to enjoy!

    Duradek - the roof you can walk, sit, play and relax on.

    • Professionally installed in one step,
    Duradek is ready for immediate use.
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  • Colors & Patterns

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    Take a look at the
    Duradek Patterns and Colors online.


    Download a pdf file of the entire color library:
    Duradek Patterns and Colors Binder (4MB)
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